Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will Obama be the 2012 Democratic Nominee?

Ann Althouse surveys articles talking about this and says:

I'm sorry, I can't see the Democratic Party thriving by ousting Obama. What chaos! And Hillary would have to compete in the primaries. Presumably, other Democrats — those characters who are otherwise waiting for 2016 — would jump into the fray. (But who are those other Democrats? What is the next wave of presidential-seeming Democrats?) I think it would be an awful mess if he were publicly hounded into withdrawing.
If some powerful alliance of liberals really wanted Obama to withdraw, they would — I imagine — be operating in private. It would be handled in a way that would preserve Obama's ability to come forward and present his withdrawal in a very grand and lofty style, as a matter of his own decision and not out of desperation and for highly altruistic reasons.

I agree that the Democrats wouldn't stand a chance by challenging him, but I don't see any logic to some secret cabal operating in private. Suppose he resigns or chooses not to run. What on earth does his Democratic successor run on? The successor can't do much to change policy over the next year, and the economy sucks. Nobody wants to step up and own that.

So why do we see media outlets talking about this like it might happen? Because non-stories are popular. Up next, Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame!

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